52% Of People Think Defendants In Bribery Case Will Be Found Guilty

RUMORS WIRED THROUGH the popular ‘Radio Coconut’ on Vanuatu politics are finally turning into facts. This week the people of Vanuatu have verified more than what they assumed, from chartered flights to suspicious money handlings, the activities from behind the political scenes continue to awe the nation and even more for the crowd that always gather outside the court during the Bribery Case court sessions.

Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV), though not a major media outlet, has taken on the effort to update the public on the outcomes of the court sessions this week through the TIV online news blogsite called tivnews (www.tivnews.wordpress).

What TIV has covered this week has been shared with our readers, and according to our statistics 15% of our readers showed shocked and amazement when made aware of the activities that the concerned politicians were involved in with one reader commenting that it “continues to be interesting by the day”.

People View on Bribery Case Outcome

Furthermore, 28% of our readers were also shocked by this week’s revelations, but they pointed out that they remain neutral judgementally. The lowest scored opinion is at 5%, it represents those that think the defendants will be found not guilty at the end of the court case, while a majority 52% of people felt that the defendants will be found guilty when Judge Sey delivers her verdict at the end of the case.

People listening to the bribery case at the Supreme Court.
People listening to the bribery case at the Supreme Court.

Now that Judge Sey has ruled that there is a case after a ‘no case’ submission by the defence counsels more revelations are expected to unfold over the next court sessions. Of course opinions may change, but currently, according to statistics, it shows that there is already the desire to fight against corruption. And from what we have heard and seen, corruption has become a vibrant prime topic in many conversations this week, and this is expected for the next following weeks and months.

Transparency International Vanuatu put together this graph based on opinions from our readers at www.tivnews.wordress. The opinions do not reflect that of Transparency International Vanuatu as an Organisation, and the opinions certainly have no bearings on the Court processes at stake regarding this matter.

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