Civil Society Groups Attend Anti-Corruption Workshop

“WE WILL CONTINUE to work in support of government policies that support transparency and accountability” stated the Executive Officer of Transparency International Vanuatu at the opening address of the CSO Anti-Corruption Workshop held in Port Vila at the Moorings Outrigger conference room this morning.

The anti-corruption workshop is being facilitated by the United National Development Program and the United Nations Office of Crime and Corruption in partnership with Transparency International Vanuatu.

“The work of the CSO community is as important as the work of government when it comes to fighting corruption” explained the UNDP workshop facilitator Luisa Senibulu.


The aim of this workshop is to enhance understanding and awareness of corruption in Vanuatu as well as provide participants with a platform to discuss, share knowledge and information on possible ways to address corruption in Vanuatu.

The workshop is being attended by representatives from several civil society and media groups in Vanuatu including a few government offices that work in the area of anti-corruption.


The CSO Anti-Corruption workshop is being conducted today and will end at 4:30 in the afternoon tomorrow.

Included in the program are presentations by the Office of Prime Minister, the Right To Information Unit, Transparency International Vanuatu, Office of the Ombudsman, the Financial Intelligence Unit and several others more.

The discussion of ideas and recommendations from the workshop will be used as gathered data for the formulation of the Vanuatu National Anti-Corruption Policy by the government of Vanuatu.

The workshop follows a similar format which was attended to by senior government officials at the Government Anti-Corruption Workshop that was held at The Melanesian on 4th May 2016.




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