Bohn Confirms Obtaining Loan For Constituency Development Use

MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT for Epi Robert Bohn confirmed in court yesterday morning to have obtained a loan from the Greens Confederation Community Development Fund Ltd.

Defense Witness MP Bohn claimed that the MP’s Salaries, Sitting fees and allocation funds were not enough for them to develop their constituencies. Therefore, he told the court that he had to take the loan form Moana after several discussions on the loan scheme prior to the signing of the loan agreement.

MP Bohn also confirmed to the court that the Greens Confederation Community Development Fund is a trustee to the Greens Confederation Trust.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bohn said denied cross examination’s claim of a no confidence motion against the Prime Minister behind the loan agreement.

Also the loan agreement document contains repayment conditions which is to be deducted from their severance pay at the end of their terms.

MP Robert Bohn was called into the witness box by the defense council to testify, while all the other accused MPs remained silent.

In fact, during cross examination from the prosecution, Mr. Bohn confirmed that he signed a motion of no confidence twice. One was before and one was after he signed the loan agreement.

He was certainly approached by Moana with the loan document in his office unlike all the other accused MPs who signed the loan agreement in the Greens confederation Office.

The VT 1 million loan obtained was used to build a “brand new aid post in Lamen Bay,” Epi, Mr Bohn told the court.

Yesterday Justice Mary Sey rejected the defense submission of ‘no case’ and ruled that there is a case.

Justice Mary Sey schedules 9th October 2015 to deliver her Judgment on the bribery case involving the 16 MPs.

Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV), though not a major media outlet, has taken on the effort to update the public on the outcomes of the court sessions this week through the TIV online news blogsite called tivnews (www.tivnews.wordpress).

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