Bribery Case Update: MP Don Ken Speaks Against Buying Of Signatures In Court

MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT for Malekula Constituency, Don Ken spoke against the buying of signatures in court yesterday afternoon.

Prosecution Witness number 21, MP Don Ken told the court that, “this is my country, and you cannot buy my signature for a motion of no confidence against a Prime Minister”.

He continued to tell the court that “I can exercise my rights and sign a no confidence motion on my own free will, but you cannot buy my signature to do that”.

MP Don Ken testified in court revealing that he was approached by Moana Carcasses in November 2014 at Au Bon Marche and was offered a loan of VT 1 million.

However, MP Don Ken refused the offer because there was no proper loan process as well as a motion of no confidence behind the loan.

When the Cross examination questioned Mr. Don Ken on whether or not Moana gave him a loan document or an amount of money in the shop, his answer was “NO”.

Before that, Mr. Don Ken also confirmed to the court that he was approached by two MPs, Tony Nari and Hosea Nevu, at his residential area with a loan offer but he did not show any interest.

MP Don Ken was the former Minister for Youth and Sports Development and has served as an MP for more than seven years.

The other witness who testified in court yesterday afternoon was the former Climate Change Minister, James Bule.

MP James Bule confirmed to the court yesterday afternoon that he was approached by Minister Moana in November 2014 at the ANZ bank and talked to him about a loan scheme. However since he was in a hurry, he did not ask for further information on the loan scheme and left the bank.

MP James Bule told the defense counsel in court that there was no document or amount of money given to him at the ANZ Bank. He said no repayment conditions of the loan were discussed because it was just a short conversation.

The prosecution told the Judge yesterday afternoon that there are six prosecution witnesses that are still left to testify in court.

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