Nguna & Pele Chiefs Attend Leadership Training

CHIEFS FROM THE islands of Nguna and Pele attended an Adaptive Leadership Workshop facilitated by Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV) and the Pacific Leadership Program (PLP).
Over 20 Chiefs participated in an engaging one day workshop at Piliura Village on the island of Pele on the 14th of August.
Chiefs from the islands of Nguna and Pele.
With the ever increasing flow of social changes, traditional structures on the two islands are facing a new trend of challenges. Made up of over 15 villages, both islands are experiencing rapid growth in numbers. Similarly, there is an increasing number of people from the two islands who are now studying abroad and are bringing in new knowledge.
Located within close vicinity of Port Vila both islands have had their fair share of negative and positive influence, both domestic and abroad.
And with a growing national economy the expansion of development and rapid social changes encroaches on the very fabrics of traditional leadership.
Under current circumstances the leadership on both islands need tools to assist them in

Nelly Willie from PLP.

decision making. It was in the month of March when the adaptive leadership tool was introduced to the Executive of the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs via a workshop. Immediately after that workshop the request for a series of similar workshops for the Area Chief Councils of Efate was made.

Realizing the benefits behind the adaptive leadership concept, the Vaturisu has partnered with Transparency International Vanuatu and the Pacific Leadership Program to deliver the several workshops around the island of Efate.
“Some of our historical traditions cannot function properly nowadays due to the introduction of new ideas, knowledge, and actions. This training aims to assist us to adapt with this modern era” said Chief Meameadola the Secretary of the Efate Vaturisu Council of Chiefs.
Looking at the technical and adaptive aspects of leadership the offered training revealed strategies that can be utilized for communal benefits.
At their accountable positions each chief has a role to perform to the satisfaction of the community. How they go about to achieve that depends entirely on good strategy; the adaptive strategy.
“Being able to work with people you do not necessary like is why we use tools like adaptive leadership…because at the end of the day it is not about disagreements but it is about recognizing the loss on the other party when a decision is made” explained Mr. Toa of Transparency International Vanuatu.
This is the sixth Adaptive Leadership Workshop facilitated by Transparency International Vanuatu and the Pacific Leadership Program in Vanuatu. “We want to say thank you for coming to us at the grassroots with this workshop” expressed the Chairman of the Nguna Pele Council of Chiefs Nawota Taripoamara.

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