Parliament Meets To Elect New Government

AFTER A RATHER LONG period of political uncertainties the parliament of Vanuatu will finally elect a new government today.

Port Vila this morning experienced a string of traffic jams up to the Parliament compound. Dozens of people looked on from outside the parliament as the new elected representatives walked in this morning.

Elected representatives ready to enter the Parliament chamber.

Inside the parliament media personals are busy sorting out broadcasts transmissions to inform the people of Vanuatu by radio, television, and by live-streaming through the parliament website.


Security is also tight. Dozens of security officers are lined up outside the parliament gates while others roam around the parliament compound.

Former MP Maxime Carlot (right) and new MP Albert William (left) of the GJP Party.

Over the last couple of days the will for stability has been a driving force behind many conversations within the political arena, and the hope for stability continues to remain on  every citizens minds. Evidently, by the end of the today Vanuatu will already have a new government in place.

By 10:30am the swearing in of all the Members of Parliament had finished. MP Joe Natuman (who is the Senior Member) was then chosen to act as the Speaker of Parliament for the election of the new Speaker of Parliament who will then proceed with the election of the Prime Minister.

At midday MP for Malekula Esmon Saimon was elected as the new Speaker of Parliament for Vanuatu.

He led with 33 votes while the other nominated MP for the position of the Speaker, Christopher Emelee, took 19 votes.

Next was the election of the First Deputy Speaker that went unopposed, it shows that the Unity Front for Change Bloc currently holds the majority in Parliament. MP for Santo Mr. Edwin Amblus, who is a former Magistrate, is now the new First Speaker of Parliament.

The election for the Second Deputy Speaker also went unopposed, the nomination was made by MP Jotham Napat and seconded by MP Edwim Amblus. The position of the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament goes to MP Havo Moli from Malo/Aore Constituency.

The Third Deputy Speaker is MP Alickson Vira from Ambae, and the Fourth Deputy Speaker is Marcelino Barthelemy from Malekula.

MP for Pentecost Charlot Salwai was nominated for the position of the Prime Minister unopposed.



Pic 1
Acting Clerk of Parliament summons the new elected representatives in the Chamber.