TIV Chairman acknowledges government’s establishment of Anti-Corruption Committee.

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL VANUATU (TIV) Dr. Willie Tokon acknowledges the initiative taken by the Government of Vanuatu to establish, and to include TIV as a member in the Anti-Corruption Committee, thus recognizing TIV’s 15 years of advocacy against corruption in Vanuatu.

“This is a big leap for TIV as an anti-corruption advocator in Vanuatu. We advocate against corruption every day and every week using the media, the radio, through our networks, and throughout our community campaign programs. And to be included in such an important committee is a privilege that we will surely support completely” says Dr. Tokon.

“On behalf of the organisation that I represent I would like to acknowledge the government of Vanuatu for having confidence in our work, and our inclusion in the membership of the Anti-Corruption Committee, and we look forward to further collaborations in the future” acknowledges Dr. Tokon.

CLICK HERE to read the full story published by the Vanuatu Daily Post.

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