TIV Completes 7 Adaptive Leadership Training’s For Efate & Offshore Island Chiefs

FOR THE LAST few months Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV) and the Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) had been working in partnership with the Executive of the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs to train chiefs around the island of Efate and its offshore islands on the Adaptive Leadership theory.

The Adaptive Leadership Training facilitators, Wilson Toa from TIV and Nelly Willy from PLP, collaborated with the Vaturisu Secretary General Chief Meameadola to organise the gathering of the chiefs throughout the area councils of chiefs on the island of Efate earlier this year.

Eventually, a one day training schedule was confirmed and the facilitating team began their preparation through to July before the training kick-started in early August.

Nguna & Pele Island Council of Chiefs at Adaptive Leadership Training

In his speech at Takara village Chief Meameadola mentioned that since its establishment in 1976 the Vaturisu Council of Chief had never participated in any leadership training that is as intense and applicable as the training on Adaptive Leadership.

“Some of our historical traditions cannot function properly nowadays due to the introduction of new ideas, knowledge, and actions. This training aims to assist us to adapt with this modern era” said Chief Meameadola the Secretary of the Efate Vaturisu Council of Chiefs.

Adaptive Leadership Training at Pangpang Village.

Overall, the Adaptive Leader training proves to be a needed tool for community leaders in order to perform effectively ‘outside the box’. The training was recommended by the chiefs to include as many chiefs as possible throughout Vanuatu.

Adaptive Leadership Training for Emau Island Council of Chiefs at Takara village.


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