TIV e-Newletter Coming Out Soon

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL VANUATU’S own online newsletter, or e-newsletter called tivnews will be published soon through the blogsite; www.tivnews.wordpress and on the Transparency International Vanuatu facebook page.


The new tivnews e-newsletters first publication was in January of this year and has been monthly upgraded to look and feel more professional, “it follows a new format designed to capture attention and is full of necessary information. We need to take steps to be more creative because there is a whole world of creativity that we have yet to explore. The better we become at what we do then the more resourceful, not only for organisations that we work for, but for our nation” explains the Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV) Media Officer Kevin Valea who is the officer in charge of TIV publications.

The new formatted newsletter includes external links that can take you directly to online sources for further readings. Also included are video files of what TIV has been doing for the past months.

Previous newsletters published by Transparency International Vanuatu called – Yumi Lukluk Stret – had been compiled and edited on Mircrosoft Publisher, but now that a new graphics and designing software has been installed the possibilities of having more better structured and creative publications is unlimited, and all creativity tools are being explored.

tivnews newsletter

Follow us on facebook, subscribe with us on www.tivnews.wordpress and continue to read our page on the Daily Post every Friday as we continue to update you on what we are doing at Transparency International Vanuatu.




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