Transparency International Vanuatu Condemns Actions By Pipite. PM Needs To Speak Up.


TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL VANUATU (TIV) condemns the self-pardoning of the Acting President Marcelino Pipite who was convicted on bribery charges on Friday the 9th along with 13 other Members of Parliament.

The current situation in Vanuatu is serious. The Head of the Government needs to move out from his silent mode and show leadership by letting the citizen of this country know what are his plans following the events that unfolded during the last weekend.

Now that the President of the Republic has spoken to the nation on the 12th of October, deeply apologizing for the uncertainties that were created by the leaders, it is only proper for the Prime Minister to follow the same path by speaking to the nation.

If there was ever a time to talk to the nation live on radio and TV then now would be the most appropriate time.

The Prime Minister needs to explain his government plans, the people deserve the right to know.

Transparency International Vanuatu emphasises that the Prime Minister Sato Kilman needs to look closely at what is happening within his cabinet, he needs to place Vanuatu in a position where other states must not question its national integrity.

Transparency International Vanuatu, as an anti-corruption NGO in Vanuatu, condemns the latest actions, seen as recourse of justice by convicted public officials, and demands that the Prime Minister explain the actions of his cabinet to the people of Vanuatu and his plan in sorting out this impasse.

Meanwhile, Transparency International Vanuatu would like to echo the words of the President to appeal to the leaders of communities, churches and youth groups to continue to remain calm and let justice prevail through the rule of law.


Transparency International Vanuatu Press Statement


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