Transparency International Vanuatu Congratulates the Vanuatu Daily Post On 5,000th Issue

When the Vanuatu Daily Post (VDP) published its first ever newspaper issue two decades ago it was hard to imagine that it would take over 23 years to reach its 5,000th Issue, but it has happened, and thank you to the Daily Post Transparencdpy International Vanuatu (TIV) was able to publish hundreds of corruption related articles since 2007.

“Shepherd Outer Islands demand MPs to be more accountable to their people” was the first ever article written by TIV and published by the Daily Post on September 15th 2006 – Issue 1826. This means that last year 2016 marked 10 years of a working collaboration between TIV and the Daily Post that saw over 960 articles on corruption issues supplied by TIV.

First article by TIV in 2006.

Transparency International Vanuatu congratulates the management and the staff of the Vanuatu Daily Post for their milestone achievement today. Despite all the physical, emotional, and political challenges the Daily Post has continued to inform the populace of what is happening around us.

Today’s 5000th Issue achievement is a testament that reaffirms the value of the right to express personal opinions and it promises the longevity of media freedom in Vanuatu.

Congratulations and all the best in the years to come!


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